Next Event

 NEXT EVENT:  Return Of Beavers
DATE: Tuesday 8th November
TIME: 6.45pm – 7.45pm
LOCATION: Scout Hall
Beavers will be back at normal time on Tuesday 8th November, Subs to be paid until Xmas is €28.
Please ensure your Beaver is at the scout hall to start the meeting at 6.45pm.



Halloween Party 2016

Thursday 27th Saw our Beavers attend the County Halloween Party in the Woodlands Hotel.

There were some brilliant costumes from Beavers and Leaders from around the county. Beavers were given a party bag on the night. All seemed to get involved with the dancing at different stages and all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Please find some of the photos from the night here.

Back to normal Beavers on Tuesday 8th November, hope everyone had a great mid-term break.



Tuesday 18th October – Meeting

On Tuesday night we attempted to learn and tie a reef knot.

Everyone had a go, we could not film everyone but we got a few on camera.

Watch “A Reef knot” on YouTube

We have the Halloween party at woodlands hotel on Thursday night. Meet in the lobby at 6.15pm. Fancy Dress if the beaver wants all must wear group scarf.

Tuesday 11th Oct – Meeting

This week we welcomed the parents and brothers and sisters of our new Beavers to our meeting to witness The Beavers make their Promise be invested and formally welcomed in to the Group and Scouting.

Well done to the nine Beavers who made their Promise we hope you enjoy the next few years with us. I know it can be scary standing up in front of everyone but you all did really well and can be proud of yourselves.

Next week reef knots on video and the week after Halloween Party.


Tuesday 4th October – Meeting

This week we played helicopter, which seems to be the “in” game at the moment, possibly they just like seeing leaders get dizzy. 

With investitures just next week we reminded our selves of the Beaver Law and promise and talked about how we are kind, friendly and help our family and friends. We had a run though of what beavers can expect during their investiture, with regard to making their promise and saying the Law. 

We also went over our lodges again and the lodge of the month competition and how to earn points. Such as attending each week, wearing our jumper and scarf.

We mentioned we might try to make a YouTube video of the beavers tieing a reef knot. For later in the week.

You can get the beaver jumper and scarf from the scout shop.

Link to jumper

Link to scarf

County Hike – Tramore Beach

On Saturday we took part in the County Hike along Tramore Beach and Dunes. Really well done to the Beavers who took part you walked from the public toilets out along the beach right to the end around the end of the dunes and back the other side to the toilets approximately 7.5km. A great effort especially for a first hike. No one wanted to quit even though i suspect a few were really tired by the end.

On Our way around the dunes the Beavers learnt a few tracking signs as well as spending time climbing the Dunes and rolling down them, we also saw a few dead crabs.

Thank you to Ciaran a Cub leader for coming along and helping out at the last minute.

A selection of pictures from the day are here.

Tuesday 27th – Meeting

This week we opened with our usual prayer and motto and then went into game.

After the Game we looked that the things we would wear on a hike as well as the items we might take with us.

We talked about the correct types of shoes as well as having layers of clothes so that we can take them off or put them on depending on how hot, cold or wet the weather might be.

The Beavers were asked about what items they might take on a hike and told to stand on one side or the other of the hall depending o whether they would take an item or not. Depending on their answer they were asked to justify their reason for the choice.

Items ranged from a rucksack, coat, lunch, 1st aid box  to lipstick, combs even a DVDplayer or teddy. Beavers seemed to have fun with this especially with some of the more impracticable items.

We finished by working out what lodges the beavers will be in for the rest of their time in Beavers and a game of helicopter.


Group Camp

We had a great group camp. Well done to all the Beavers who took part either Friday night or Saturday or both.

Dropping our gear at the Hall we moved down to the camp site and had a walk around in of the larger fields in the dark and played a number of relay races to run off some energy. We then moved down to the camp fire where Mark, one of our scout leaders, had a fire going and Beavers joined in with a number of campfire songs we were joined by the scouts and cubs.

Just before 10pm we went back to the hall for pizza and a movie. Beavers settled down in their sleeping bags and were asleep by around 1.30 – 2am. They think i did not know about the sweet eating but i could her the packets being rustled and the evidence was next to them in the morning.

After being collected by parent at 9am we moved back down to the site to join the rest of the group. Everyone was placed in mixed section teams, this meant that beaver were mixing with Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts. This worked really well, congratulations to the older sections for taking part and also allowing beavers and cubs to lead activities.

In the morning the groups took part in a Nature Trail/orienteering activity and in the afternoon they took part in “Camp Olympics” including obstacle course, drink bottle throwing and sack races.

While all this was going on some of the scouts were building a bridge that the Beavers and Cubs would use to “Move up” to the next section.

Final Activity for beavers was the Chief Scout Presentations made by Group Leader Neil and County Commissioner Alison and the oldest used the bridge to formally move up to cubs.

Tuesday night we had cakes to celebrate the achievements of the CSA Beavers and to say good bye to those leaving us.

Photos of the Camp can be seen here.